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Expert NameProfile pictureCompanyArea ExpertiseAvailability
Abdul Rahman Telecommunication, Engineering services and Construction field.Click to Engage
AHMAD HADIPHYSICAL SCIENCES, Fluid, Discharges and Plasma Physics, Laser induce plasmaClick to Engage
AZLINA ENGINEERING SCIENCES, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics of Materials.Click to Engage
AZRIN HANI ENGINEERING SCIENCES, Mechanical Engineering, Textile Engineering, Manufacturing System & IntegrationClick to Engage
DR AHMAD RIZALENGINEERING SCIENCES, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Power engineering.Click to Engage
Faikir Nor Defence,Engineering ,Services and ICTClick to Engage
Feisal KasahDesign and manufacture industrial automation equipment Click to Engage
Haji Abdul RazakBulding civil, Engineering, Landscape, Bulding Adminstration, Services MaterialClick to Engage
MegatExecutive Coaching for Professional EmployeesClick to Engage
MohanIP Filling and Prosecution, IP ValuationClick to Engage