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NameProfile pictureCompanyArea ExpertiseAvailability
AbdullahSoft Skills (Training & Development)- Leadership, Business Communication, Financial Management, Sales and Marketing and entrepreneurshipClick to Engage
Ahmad ZiyadEntrepreneur builder Click to Engage
AkmalExecutive CoachingClick to Engage
AsriExecutive CoachingClick to Engage
AzraiTechnology Park Malaysia CorporationFunding, Strategic Management Click to Engage
Azrin Hadi Mobile Marketing for businessClick to Engage
DATO' NABIL Communication Business NetworkingClick to Engage
DinaPsycometric Profiling Tool(EnSight)Click to Engage
Dr Ben Fadzil Sterling Image Sdn Bhd1. Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy 2. Neuro Linguistic Programming 3. Personal Development: a) Hypnotic Persuasion b) Hypnotic Negotiation c) Hypnotic Presentation Skills d) Hypnotic Public Speaking 4. Professional Skills: a) Strategic Thinking b) Counseling, Psychotherapy 5. Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Coaching, Mentoring, Business Skills Click to Engage
Dr ShakerBusiness Turnaround, Cost Improvement, structuring & managing productive human resourceClick to Engage