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NameProfile pictureCompanyArea ExpertiseAvailability
Wan ArjunawanEntrepreneurship coaching (Life & Business)Click to Engage
AbdullahSoft Skills (Training & Development)- Leadership, Business Communication, Financial Management, Sales and Marketing and entrepreneurshipClick to Engage
Dr ZainolTotal Quality management, Business Process ManagementClick to Engage
Dr ShakerBusiness Turnaround, Cost Improvement, structuring & managing productive human resourceClick to Engage
AkmalExecutive CoachingClick to Engage
Yaseer International Business Development and Entrepreneurship, Blue Ocean Strategy, Strategic Planning & Designing Business PlansClick to Engage
AsriExecutive CoachingClick to Engage
Mohd FuadStrategic Management Thinking Process, Lean Manufacturing - Six Sigma and DBRClick to Engage
MaslizahLegal, Technical and Human resourceClick to Engage
Hazlin Legal, Technical and Human resourceClick to Engage