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NameProfile pictureCompanyArea ExpertiseAvailability
KandiahCommercial exploitation + IP auctionClick to Engage
Nor Azhar 5'S and Basic Kaizen, GMP DesignClick to Engage
M NarayannanRepair & Maintenance Welding TechnologyClick to Engage
Leong Jin HoongProviding on trademark, patents, industrial design and copyrightsClick to Engage
Azrin Hadi Mobile Marketing for businessClick to Engage
MuraliProject Management- PMP CertificationClick to Engage
Shamsul Anuar Basic Accounting, cash management with Working Capital ManagementClick to Engage
Mustapha Innovative and creative Circle (ICC) convention AssesssorClick to Engage
RamakrishnaIP audit and IP ValuationClick to Engage
DATO' NABIL Communication Business NetworkingClick to Engage