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NameProfile pictureCompanyArea ExpertiseAvailability
AbdullahSoft Skills (Training & Development)- Leadership, Business Communication, Financial Management, Sales and Marketing and entrepreneurshipClick to Engage
Dr ZainolTotal Quality management, Business Process ManagementClick to Engage
Dr ShakerBusiness Turnaround, Cost Improvement, structuring & managing productive human resourceClick to Engage
Yaseer International Business Development and Entrepreneurship, Blue Ocean Strategy, Strategic Planning & Designing Business PlansClick to Engage
Mohd FuadStrategic Management Thinking Process, Lean Manufacturing - Six Sigma and DBRClick to Engage
MaslizahLegal, Technical and Human resourceClick to Engage
Hazlin Legal, Technical and Human resourceClick to Engage
HamdiPsycometric Profiling Tool(EnSight)Click to Engage
DinaPsycometric Profiling Tool(EnSight)Click to Engage
KarenWeb Consulting, Develop website for entrepreneursClick to Engage